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Sherry: Dickens y Trollope

El jerez en Charles Dickens y Anthony Trollope

“He drunk his sherry and soda-water, and lit his pipe, and lay there on the lawn, as though he were quite at home…”.

Grabado del artista F. A. Fraser para la edición, de 1871, Ralph the Heir, de Anthony Trollope.  Esta es una de las muchas referencias que Trollope hace al jerez en sus novelas.

There was a fragance of limes or lemons about him; and he made a drink of golden sherry,which shone in a large tumbler as if he were drinking the evening sunshine“.

Escena de la novela de Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit (1855-1857).  Ilustrada por Sol Eytinge Jr. para la edición americana de 1871.

“…that she combined a great deal of sherry with sentiment...”.

Little Dorrit (La pequeña Dorrit), ilustración de H. K. Browne para una edición impresa en Leipzig en 1856.

David Copperfield in a public house.

David Copperfield, grabado de Barnard.

Christmas Carol.


Mrs. Bardell and Friends,” the seventh full-page illustration by Sol Eytinge, Jr. 7.4 cm high by 9.9 cm wide. The Diamond Edition of Dickens’s The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1867).

Bardell an attractive or even a pleasant character, but Eytinge does not merely caricature her as Phiz does; rather, Eytinge depicts both her and her supporters as ugly, and somehow warped from the inside as they drown their supposed misfortunes in sherry.



In fact, according to American biographer Fred Kaplan, Dickens pulled himself through to the end of his Anmerican lecture tour sustained by alcohol at every meal:  As the April [1868] departure date came closer, Dickens felt tired and acutely homesick. He felt “depressed all the time (except when reading)” and had lost his appetite. On reading days, at seven in the morning he had fresh cream and two tablespoons of rum, at noon a sherry cobbler and a biscuit, and at three a pint of champagne. Five minutes before his [evening] performance he had an egg beaten into a glass of sherry, during the intermission strong beef tea, and afterward soup, althogether not “more than half a pound of solid food in the whole four-and-twenty hours.” [pp. 525-526].



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