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Charles James Lever (1806-1872), y el jerez


Charles James Lever (1806-1872). Novelista irlandés. En muchas de sus obras hay continuas referencias al jerez,amontillado, sherry-cobbler, etc. Muchas de ellas ilustradas por Phiz

The Confessions  of Harry Lorrequer (1839), Charles O´Malley,  Irish  Dragon (1841),  Roland Cashel (1850), The Daltons or Three Roads in Life (1852), Jack Hinton (1857), Davenport Dunn, A man our day (1859), Barrington (1863), Luttrel of Arran (1865), The Bramleighs of Bishiop´s Folly (1868), Lord Kilgobbin (1872).

TALESOFTHETRAINBYLEVER&PHIZTales of the Train (1857), Ilustrado por Phiz.

He gave us a perfect discourse on sherry and Spanish wines in general, told us the secret of the Amontillado flavor, and explained that process of browning by boiling down wine which some are so fond of in England. At last, seeing perhaps that the protection had little charm for us, with his accustomed tact, he diverged into anecdote. “I was once fortunate enough,” said he, “to fall upon some of that choice sherry from the St. Lucas Luentas which is always reserved for royalty. It was a pale wine, delicious in the drinking, and leaving no more flavor in the mouth than a faint dryness that seemed to say, another glass.

En el prefacio de su novela, tomo I, Charles O´Malley, the irish dragon.

leversherrylutrelofarran1865Luttrel of Arran (1865).







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