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El jerez en la colonia de Jamestown / Sherry wine in Jamestown

tohaveandtoholdTo have and to hold (1900), novela de Mary Johnston.Best-seller que narra los inicios de la colonia de Jamestown, y donde está presente el vino de Jerez.

“I am bound for my lord’s,” said that worthy as we neared the guest house. “My lord hath Xeres wine that is the very original nectar of the gods, and he drinks it from goblets worth a king’s ransom. We have heard a deal to-day about burying hatchets: bury thine for the nonce, Ralph Percy, and come drink with us.”.

By ‘r lakin! I’m too dry to sing. It will take all the wine of Xeres in the next galleon to unparch my tongue!”


Nota: Most of the wine from this period came from Spain and was primarily the drink of the upper class. Others drank beer and ale. Types of wine available to the colonists included claret, sack, sherry, Canary, Malaga and Tent (red wine).




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