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Política, jerez y humor gráfico en Nueva Zelanda


En este caso la artista gráfica Ashley Smith (1948), publicó esta sátira gráfica  el 21 de julio del  2003, en el Mercantile Gazzette de Auckland (Nueva Zelanda), donde aparece, entre otros, el impuesto al jerez propuesto por la primera ministra, Helen Clark.



Max Peers has two passions: his roses and his sherry.The retired gent, in his 70s, is a volunteer driver for the Cancer Society and enjoys going to poetry readings.He spends hours admiring the rose bushes at his home in the Waitakere Gardens Retirement Village in Henderson.When he has a night off, he likes nothing more than sitting down for a nice drop of sherry. So Mr Peers was most unimpressed to wake yesterday and discover his favoured tipple is going to cost him a lot more.The Customs and Excise (Alcoholic Beverages) Amendment Act was passed under extraordinary urgency about 5am yesterday.The legislation increases the excise duty on drinks containing 14 to 23 per cent alcohol.It covers fortified wines, including port and sherry, which are typically 18 to 23 per cent alcohol.Acting Minister of Customs Jim Anderton said it was necessary to include the fortified wines so they did not become another cheap alternative for young drinkers.But Mr Peers said the Government’s bid to curb underage drinking would hit elderly folk the hardest.”This is our right, to sit down at the end of the day and put our feet up,” he said.”Anderton and [Prime Minister Helen] Clark can re-think this one.”Mr Peers did not think the tax rise would stop underage drinking






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