Posteado por: jljimenezgarcia | diciembre 12, 2017

El jerez en la Inglaterra de la segunda mitad del XIX.


Lord Salisbury y Wiliam Vernon Harcourt,ideando un nuevo impuesto al jerez..

Lord Salisbury has taken a step which, if it were thoroughly understood by the electors, would produce a profound impression. He has declared for “Fair-trade,” not as a vague idea, but as a practical policy which he desires permission to carry out, and for the total abolition of Customs’ duties between Great Britain and the remainder of her Empire. In his speech of Tuesday, to the South London Conservative Associations, he complained bitterly of the belief in Free- trade as ” a kind of fetish-worship,” and urged that when any nations erected a wall of tariffs against British goods, we should so far give up Free-trade as to retaliate by heavy tariffs upon the things we import from them. If Spain, for instance, taxed our manufactures, we should tax Spanish sherry till she became more reasonable.


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